Bielenda Kosmetyki Naturalne was established in 1990. Bielenda is a family business and was founded by the great knowledge and passion of founder Barbara Bielenda, who graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdansk. Bielenda pioneered in Poland the field of production all natural cosmetics with natural ingredients extracted from plants. Bielenda was the first company in Poland that have used a GINKGO BILOBA extract for the production of cosmetics. Ms. Barbara discovered it in her travel researches as the perfect plant with unusual properties.


Manufacture take place in Poland next to company’s headquarter, which allows maintainability of a superior quality standard. Although every batch is monitored for absolute purity, avoiding comedogenic and known allergens and no products are animal tested.

Following those principles allowed naming the product “BIELENDA NATURAL COSMETICS”

Over the years, the international standards of what is “natural” was revised.

Nowadays, the company is using its extensive experience and knowledge in formulating new products with the most innovative and valuable natural ingredients. In developing our recipe, we combine years of experience,knowledge and passion to create safe cosmetics which work first of all. Bielenda is using only products from Certified Crops and ecologically approved ingredients ( ECO CERT )

Emphasis on safety is never compromised

The company’s range is comprehensive and includes over 400 cosmetic products for face, body and hair care. They manufacture creams, masks, scrubs, balms, slimming cosmetics, sun care products, personal care products, hair care and hairstyling preparations as well as aromatherapy bath oils. Our cosmetics are available both in drug stores, small outlets and hypermarkets.

The company has launched its own range of Professional Cosmetics – BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL, for professional use in Beauty shops and SPAs. The whole range consists over 150 products. Bielenda constantly introduces unusual, innovative solutions not only in recipes, but also in the formulas. The basis for our treatments are: Watermelon, Garcynia Cambodia, Emblica extract, Easy-Lift, Microcollagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Colloidal Gold, Shea Butter…..

Cosmetologists appreciate the quality and effectiveness of BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL and also their customers rave about the unique fragrances of our products used for face and body treatments. We are proud to be one of the leaders on the domestic market. Skin therapists in different countries say they love our alga masks and scrubs.

They respect animal rights and for that reason our cosmetics are not tested on animals. 

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