Acai Berry


Acai berries are valued for their nutrient content . The unique mineral and vitamin composition means that Acai Berries deserve special attention. Their antioxidant properties are also significant . Research shows that Acai Berries have the world's largest antioxidant potential.


Our body is constantly exposed to free radicals. A healthy body effectively repels these attacks, but when its natural protective forces fail, then the body's attacked structure becomes dysfunctional. Free radicals contribute to the aging of our entire body, including the skin.

It is through them that wrinkles are formed, and our skin loses its firmness, collagen is damaged, as well as elastin fibers. Free radicals are also responsible for the appearance of wrinkles even in young people , as a result of excessive sunbathing, environmental pollution, smoking, stressful life or an unhealthy diet.

Antioxidants are substances that help us maintain health and beauty . They combine with free radicals, thus deactivating their action.


Free radicals damage cellular cement, which means that water from the skin evaporates much faster , which leads to dehydration. They also have a destructive effect on skin support proteins, i.e. collagen and elastin, which results in the appearance of the first signs of aging, even for young skin.

Aging is inevitable, but a properly balanced diet and skin care will allow us to stop premature aging of the skin so that we can enjoy the young appearance as long as possible.

Effective skin care is above all regular care . Regularity and appropriately selected cosmetics will keep your skin looking young for a long time.

The Acai Berries series is intended for people over 18 as a prevention of the first wrinkles. Dedicated mainly to dull, tired and sensitive skin.


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