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Ziaja Anno d'oro cream for lifting day + UV

A specialized tensioning preparation with a moisturizing formula. Effectively cares for 40+ mature complexion during the day. Includes SPF 12 filter, thanks to which it protects the skin against the harmful effects of sunlight and photo-aging. 

anti-wrinkle nanotechnology
• high bioavailability - ease of absorption of optimal amounts of active substances 
• transport to deeper layers of the skin 
• gradual release and prolonged time of active activity 
• extremely effective care adapted to the needs of different age skin 

proven effectiveness * 
• reduction of wrinkles by up to 33% 
• reduction of wrinkles by up to 40% 
• reduction of wrinkle length by up to 37%
* the results of a 56-day treatment confirmed by in vivo studies in France. 

skin age under control
I. reconstruction of the internal structure of the skin - oligopeptides (micro-collagen) 
• diagnoses damage at the cellular level 
• regenerates the weakened dermis structure 
• strengthens collagen fibers I, II and IV and elastin 
• delays skin aging mechanism and reduces wrinkle depth 

II . reduction of deep wrinkles and mimic wrinkles - ursolic acid 
• penetrates deeper layers of the skin and stimulates tissue renewal 
• organizes proper crosslinking of collagen fibers 
• perfectly elasticizes and prevents loss of elasticity 
• reduces deep and smooths mimic wrinkles

III. reduction of surface wrinkles - active anti-wrinkle base 
• activates the stimulation of glycans, collagen and elastin 
• fills the intercellar cement damage 
• strengthens the cohesion of the connective tissue and reduces surface wrinkles 

IV. optimal lifting effect - biopolymer from sweet almond protein 
• creates a flexible, smooth film on the skin surface 
• significantly improves skin tone and smoothes out microcavities 
• restores skin to a young, radiant look 

supplement - photostable UV filters, vitamin E, provitamin B5
• prevents photoaging, neutralizes free radicals and perfectly smoothes and tones the skin 
• intensively and permanently moisturizes and prevents drying of the epidermis
• soothes irritations, soothes and protects the sensitive skin. 

Directions for use
Apply the cream on the skin cleaned with milk and tonic anno d'oro. Gently pat. Recommended under makeup. At night, apply anno d'oro cream to reduce wrinkles.

50 ml 


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