Cocoa Butter Cream - Light Formula

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Cocoa Butter Cream

Product Size: 100 ml

Light formula cream with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.

Supplies the skin with valuable nourishing substances. The skin receives excellent revitalizing, smoothing and protective benefits. Moisturizes and prevents excessive moisture loss. Reduces the skin propensity to irritation. Regularly applied improves the appearance and color of the skin. Prolongs the skin's natural tan.


Key Ingredients:

Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter


Beautiful smell reminding of creamy cocoa

Dermatologically and allergy tested

Skin neutral pH

Not tested on animals

High quality raw materials including ECO certified materials



Cocoa butter (Oleum Cacao) is a plant fat which is obtained from the seeds of mature cocoa tree fruits (Theobroma cacao).

Cocoa butter is one of the most stabile fats. It contains natural anti-oxidants, which considerably slow down rancidity process and thus keep the ingredients in an unchanged condition for 5 years without preservatives.



Apply the cream over the skin and delicately pat in. Use with other Cocoa Butter Products.


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