Frequently asked questions


Q: Where are you located?
A: We are in the most beautiful city in Poland (to our taste), Gdansk on the Baltic coast.

Q: What is the shipping fee set?
A: The shipping fee is determined by the total weight of the products ordered. Sometimes - proper order planning can save you a lot of money and significantly reduce shipping costs.

For example, removing one product from your cart will make its total weight to one that belongs to a lower weight class. The shipping fee is set in units of 100 grams. Orders weighing less than 2kg are the most recommended because their delivery time is fastest. In most cases (average orders over the last three months: 5-8 business days)

Q: What payment method do you respect?
A: You can pay for via debit or credit card (processed by STRIPE) or via PayPal and also through APPLE PAY or GOOGLE PAY. We accept payments in Polish Zloty, Euro, British pound and USD.

For PayPal payment, there may be an additional 2.5% clearing fee. When paying directly by credit / debit card - we do not charge any additional fees.

Worried about providing credit information online? Contact our customer service department and a representative will call you for payment over the phone. The option is only valid for registered customers on the site and not for those who make a purchase as a "guestsr".

Q: How do I know when the package was shipped and when it arrived to my country?
A: As early as preparing your package for shipment, we will forward the tracking number to you. The website has a shipping tracking link, which allows you to find out the shipping status at any given moment.

Q: May I ask for samples?
A: Of course you may, and even if you do not ask, we do our best effors to add samples and gifts to almost every order. We are unlikely to add a gift to the order if its addition could materially change the weight of the order and cost of delivery. Since we also need to make a living, we cannot always add gifts.

And having said that: Customers who always receive gifts from us, sometimes worth more than their order amount, are the ones who have published reviews on the product page they purchased (simply because it helps other customers understand from other people whether the product might suit them or not). You can also post a general opinion on the shopping experience on the site and of course, talk about us on Facebook, Instagram etc.

Q: Do I have to open an account on the site to order?
A: No. You can make an order as guest without registering for the site. The details entered on the checkout page are used to send the invoice and package. After completing the purchase as a guest, you can register at any time and create an account based on the details entered whem placing your last order.

At the same time, we strongly recommend signing up for the site. Registering before placing an order will allow you, among other things: to track the order handling status from your profile page, enjoy our reward points program, enjoy special offers and exclusive discounts for registered customers, save time and the need to enter your details all over again. 


Q: I forgot my password. What to do?
1. Click on the "My Account" tag on the homepage
2. Click on the text "Forgot your password?"
3. Enter the email address you registered with and follow the instructions
4. After receiving a new email password, re-log in with the new password.

Q: Are my details and information safe?
A: Yes! All the information you enter when ordering is essential so that we can complete the ordering process and provide you with up-to-date information on the most affordable prices and offers. We use the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure all your data is kept secure. We do not sell, rent or transmit any information about you to other parties.

Q: Is the site secure?
A: Sure. The site is secure using SSL protocol - that means, all communication between your browser and the site (the web server that hosts our online shop) is encrypted - with the aim that the data transmitted between the browser and the site cannot be decoded. The site complies with the most stringent security standards, you are guaranteed that the buying process is done in the most secure and confidential way.

Q: Are my credit card details stored in the system?
A: No. The credit card details of customers who perform site operations are not stored at all in MyPrimarket systems. The site clearing is done through PayPal or Stripe, both certified and secure (PCI Compliant), all to ensure our customers on a safe purchase site.

Q: I placed an order today, when will it ship?
A: In most cases, orders placed during one business day are shipped the next business day or the following day. When ordering cosmetics from other brands (which are not ZIAJA), such as BIELENDA, AA or LIRENE or if there is a national holiday in Poland and there is no postal and trading services there may be a delay of up to 5 business days from the time of ordering to shipping out.

In very rare cases, if there is or is likely to be a delay in sending out the parcel for delivery - you will receive an email from us with a notification and a special gift or discount coupon which you can use for your next order on the site. But you can be calm, this is absolutely rare.

Q: What do the different statuses of the order mean?
A: To enable you to monitor the status of your order at any given moment, the store team is committed to ensuring that the order status on the site is up to date. These are the statuses you should be familar with:

Open Awaiting Payment - This is a temporary status that runs from the moment you moved to the payment step on the website until we receive the payment confirmation from PayPal or STRIPE (if you paid by credit card)

PAID - Recieved and Paid - This is the immediate and first status of an order after payment has been received for it and before the store staff has started handling it.

Invoiced - This is the status after the accounting team has started processing your order. The first step is issuing a tax invoice followed by the order being delivered to the packing and preparation team.

IN PROCESS - This is the stage where we collect the products for you, pack them well so that they are not damaged during shipping, prepare the necessary documents for the mail, such as issuing a tracking number.

READY TO SHIP - This status means that your package is packed and is making its way to the Gdansk post office for shipping.

SHIPPED - As it is - this status means that your parcel has been dispatched to the post office and is making its way to you. At this point, the delivery progress can be tracked on the Polish postal site  and upon receipt by the postal service in your country you can continue to track it via your national Posting site.

Other statuses and not really common but you should know anyway, in case ...

BACKORDERED Pending Inventory Completion - This is the status that says that a particular product in your order does not exist in the immediate inventory and we are working to resume the inventory. This means a delay of up to 5 business days at most until your package is shipped. Upon resuming inventory, your order status will return to In Process.

Awaiting customer reply - If this is the current status of your order, you may want to check the email we sent you, as we likely need an answer to an important question or clarification. It may be that the address you provided is incomplete and we cannot issue the shipment, it may reflect a situation where one of the products does not exist and we offer you an alternate product, etc. The sooner you respond to our customer service department, the sooner we can complete your order handling and dispatch it.

Partial / full refund recorded - This means that the order was canceled, or a partial credit was due for a missing product, or the customer opened a dispute through PayPal.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: At the bottom of this page you will find all ways of communicating with us (Customer Service Interface, Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp, Email, etc.), it is important for us to clarify what each of these channels means:

Inquiries about an existing order, tracking the status of the order (in simple words - inquiries about a specific order) should only be addressed to our customer service department through the interface

Our customer service team can check your entire case and get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.

The additional channels of communication: Facebook and Telegram are designed to provide technical support to those who find it difficult to place an order on the website, general information about products on the site. 

Very Important: For privacy reasons and for protecting your data - we do not respond via telegram or Facebook to inquiries about a specific order. We are subject to EU privacy regulations, including the EU GDPR and therefore your personal information (email address, telephone number, shipping address and order content - are not exposed to all company representatives and certainly not to telegram, facebook or WhatsApp staff). As mentioned - inquiries about an existing order should only be directed to our customer service department.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?

A: Yes, we definitely have.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us:

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